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Nine Suitcases de Béla Zsolt

To hell with doctrines, ideas and objectives! When the French accomplished their great revolution all they wanted was to improve their own lot; they wanted to eat more, pay less in tithes and taxes, suffer less harassment from the nobles and officials – and, thanks to this ruthless selfishness, not only did the material conditions of life improved over the next century and a half, but the intellect and the arts flourished, and the social existence of humanity, which had always been coarse to the point of brutishness, was tempered by such a defree of gentleness and tolerance as had probably never been experienced before. This wasn´t the result of doctrines, ideas and idealism, but of logical, sensible, base selfishness. To hell with ideas – if people always did what, on careful consideration, was in their most selfish interest, there would be nothing wrong with the world. Who wants to die and starve? Nobody. If people weren´t driven crazy by ideas and by their God, nobody would, for instance, go to war in order to starve and to die a beastly death.