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Steinbeck: A life in Letters


All the goodness and the heroisms will rise up again, then be cut down again and rise up. It isn´t that the evil thing wins -it never will- but that it doesn´t die. I don´t know why we should expect it to. It seems fairly obvious that two sides of a mirror are required before one has a mirror, that two forces are necessary in man before he is a man.


Spain wasn´t what we expected. I wonder what it was! It is a completely contradictory country. Everything you say or see or think is cancelled out by something else you see. It is a country about which it is impossible to make generalities.

Yasunari Kawabata – Yukio Mishima. Correspondencia (1945-1970)


He aquí lo que dijo Hölderlin en una carta a Schiller: “Siempre estaba tentado por verlo y no lo veía por sentir que yo, para usted, no podía ser nada”. Y en otro pasaje: “Mientras estaba frente a usted, mi corazón se reducía a casi nada, y cuando ya había tomado coraje, no podía contener la agitación”.

Mishima a Kawabata, 3 de Marzo de 1946