Still Life de Louise Penny

Life is change. If you aren´t growing and evolving you´re standing still, and the rest of the world is surging ahead. Most of these people are very immature. They lead “still” lifes, waiting.

Waiting for what?
Waiting for someone to save them. Expecting someone to save them or at least protect them from the big, bad world. The thing is no one else can save them because the problem is theirs and so is the solution. Only they can get out of it.
(…) That´s it. The fault lies with us, and only us. It´s not fate, not genetics, not bad luck, and it´s definitely not Mom and Dad. Ultimately it´s us and our choices. But, but- the most powerful, spectacular thing is that the solution rests with us as well. We´re the only ones who can change our lives, turn them around. So all those years waiting for someone else to do it are wasted.”



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